Media Training & Crisis Communications

I'll put eight years of public relations and eight years TV news experience to work for you. 
My ability to stay on task has been proven in various breaking news conditions including hurricanes, blizzards, and 9/11 continuous coverage. I have served as media trainer and advisor to decorators for Kirkland’s home stores, chefs for The Summit – Birmingham and LouAna Peanut Oil, regional managers for Little Debbie snack cakes, and legal analysts for Virginia’s Sniper Trials, among others. 
In a crisis situation, I'll stay focused, calm and clear-minded. I know what information the media needs, and how fast. I can help you respond quickly, by providing informative interview points, statements or news releases under tight time constraints. I will also help you prepare to speak publicly and answer questions, whether on the phone or on camera.     
If you have an upcoming interview that is not part of a crisis situation, I can help you prepare. I'll guide you through what to expect, what and what not to wear, and talking points. We can practice so when interview time comes, you're comfortable and confident.