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"Where Inspiration Blooms" Day

On Sunday my husband and I participated in Bloomsday for the second time. Or, as he says, we've done it every year since we've lived in Spokane. 
The first year we didn't really know what to expect - we didn't walk or even drive the course first - so it was a little harder than this time around. Or maybe since we knew the course this year we were able to take more time to look around and see what it's all really about. Now I think it should be called "Where Inspiration Blooms" Day.

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Celebrating an Ordinary Day

This week has been insanely, exhaustingly busy. Don't get me wrong, busy is good. Especially when it's sparking my creativity, broadening my universe, and feeding my ego. But I think we all tend to cut corners when we're hyper-focused, and sometimes important things get pushed aside and we don't even realize it. 

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Delivering the Gifts

When my husband and I moved to Spokane almost two years ago, I was fortunate enough to keep my job at a Birmingham-based advertising agency. I knew it was going to be a challenge for me to work from home. Not wanting to entirely isolate myself, I made a promise that our new city would be a place of growth for me. I would be open to new experiences, make the effort to get out and meet people, and accept invitations without hesitation, regardless of my anxiety.

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I Am Personable

Last Thursday I ventured out of the comfort zone of my home office. I got out of the easiness of my work pajamas, cleaned myself up, put on adult clothes, and met a friend for the luncheon at the Inland Northwest Business Alliance Expo.

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2,768 Miles

Like most everyone, everywhere, this morning, I am thinking about Boston.

My office in Spokane is 2,768 miles from my friend MJ's office on Boylston Street. 

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