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"We Got Another Spill!"

I was at Orange Box today and while waiting at the paint counter a little, older man came up and ordered a can of paint in the same color he had apparently just gotten from the same sales associate. He proceeded to tell me he had just moments ago dropped a can of paint, and he showed me the still-wet evidence all over his shoes.

"They were $20!"

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Terror and Insurance - the Sequel

Today our future daughter-in-law had to surrender her engagement ring to the jeweler because the stone is loose. I think for many people this would be an errand to run, unworthy of further discussion. It would certainly not have been a topic of conversation this weekend between my husband and his oldest son. It wouldn't be something that when she mentioned it to me literally caused my heart rate to increase and my blood pressure to rise.  

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It's About Time

Last week I spent five days in California on my summer “create-cation.” I stayed with an old friend who is a brilliant artist and photographer. She is also a wife, mother, house manager and has some additional obligations that come with being married to someone who is pretty high up at his workplace.

She and I both have a lot to do each day, each week. We juggle responsibilities while walking the tightrope between being “productive” – making a dollar – and struggling to fulfill our intense inner desires to create simply for the sake of creating. After spending a couple of days with her though, it was obvious we go about the process in completely different ways… and I was in awe of her.

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They Don't Make Cards for That

I don’t know many people whose realities with their fathers are accurately portrayed in the card section at the store. For me, it makes it hard to find one to send or hand to him that doesn’t feel like lying. I am surprised really that in today’s world 90% of the cards still use the words “Dad” or “Father,” and the “Suitable for Step Dad” cards are still limited to just a few. The men we honor on this day are so much more than that.

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Coming Home to Motherhood

I got a call this week from a friend asking for advice on what he should do for Mother’s Day.

Sunday will be his wife’s first Mother’s Day since they lost their precious baby boy. It will be my 22nd Mother’s Day since I said goodbye to my baby girl.

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