2014: I'm Bringing Sexy Back

Sexy is a state of mind.

To me, it’s not the number of pounds displayed on the readout of the scale, my percentage of body fat, the size printed on the tag of my pants, how low the neckline on my sweater or how high the hem of my skirt. It’s not so much how my clothes look as much as how I feel I fit inside my own skin.

And lately, it’s not been good.

For the last few years I’ve used every excuse not to do the things that make me feel proud, that help me have a comfortable presence in my own body, that allow me to feel sexy.

I know what puts a spring in my step may be different than what works for anyone else.

I think a clear mind makes room for positive thoughts. To me that means clearing the cobwebs out of my head – and I’ll start by cleaning out the closets in our house. It means getting a haircut regularly rather than hoping a ponytail will hide the scraggly ends. It means painting my toenails when they’re chipped and polishing my jewelry when it’s dull. It means bleaching my teeth so I’m not ashamed to smile. It means less sleep to make way for more working out, and less work so I can spend more time at play. It means being less cautious, and more creative. It means mindlessly feeding my body less, and thoughtfully feeding my soul more.

It’s been years since I have allowed myself the time or the luxury of taking part in the rituals that help me feel good about me. It’s been years since self-care was second-nature. It’s been years since I’ve felt sexy.

No more.

One detail, one decision, one day at a time  in 2014 I’m bringing sexy back.


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