...more of a portrait...


I still have my “Creative Writing Club” notebook from Mrs. Sutton’s third grade class at Walls Elementary in Kent, Ohio. Since then I’ve written for TV news, video scripts, promotional pieces, newsletter and magazine articles… if there’s a form of writing that’s not on my résumé, it’s most likely because I haven’t done it yet. I can also edit, proofread, and revise what you’ve already penned. And my friends will tell you I’m rather meticulous about it.  

Managing projects and planning events are exhilarating to me. There’s something about taking your ideas and bringing them to life for you, one big piece or teeny tiny detail at a time. The process, the completion, and the race to get it done under deadline invigorate and inspire me. And putting that creative energy to work makes it even more gratifying. 

I get super excited about creating any kind of visual presentation. Pulling together different pieces and colors and textures into one perfect scene is both a challenge and a thrill, whether it’s for a video shoot, window display, or the tops of our kitchen cabinets. Plus I build a mean trade show booth.

And, well, it can’t all be about work…

Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey changed my life. Seriously. I no longer hate my springy, spiraly hair. I don’t even dislike it. Also it drives me insane when TV shows and movies straighten curly locks in makeovers as if straight hair is essential to be sexy and confident and beautiful. Celebrate your curls, girls!

I try to see the sun rise and set every day. It helps me live more mindfully and better value what I do in between. It puts time in perspective when I measure each day as having a true, glorious, beginning and ending.

I have an insanely close relationship with our beagles, Bartlet and Draper. They’re sweaty and smelly and slobbery, but there is so much love packed into the 95 pounds of those puppies.

My husband and I cook together a lot, but we have even more fun "chef stalking." We spent our honeymoon at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine, and went to the 30th Anniversary Food & Wine Classic in Aspen for my 40th birthday. Our dining room walls are adorned with photos of us with our favorite chefs. Right now there are shots of us with Harold DieterleSpike MendelsohnPaul QuiTom ColicchioGail SimmonsRichard Reddington, and Mark Estes. Once we got stuck on the top of a mountain with Tim Love, but that’s a story for another time.

I have also met and/or worked with some well-known people since I’ve been in TV and PR. The first person I ever interviewed was Sarah the Duchess of York. Among the anchors I've worked with are Thomas Roberts, now of NBC News, and Kelly Wright, now of FOX News. I did a promotional tour with Roger Shultz, I've traveled extensively with best selling author and nationally recognized garden expert Lance Walheim, worked on a project with his brother, astronaut Rex Walheim, and I've met a lot of people in passing whom you might recognize. But by far, the most amazing, interesting, awe-inspiring person I met while in TV – and in my life – is my husband, Gary Stokes